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I am a writer, educator & speaker.

And I am on a mission

to inspire healthy living,

writing for change,

 and the advancement of all women.

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My Work

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Health & Wellness Educator

It took losing several young friends to cancer, friends who left children behind, to get serious about my own health. 

I became dedicated to changing my life through simple adjustments to my lifestyle. I began exploring diet, exercise, and meditation— among other approaches— to improve my health and the health of my children.

While attending a professional conference, I met the renowned pediatrician and best-selling author Dr. William Sears, who shared that 75% of disease is preventable through lifestyle choices. Eager to learn more, I enrolled in the Sears Wellness Institute to become a certified Health Coach.

I also partner with a company whose mission is to inspire healthy living around the world. We do this by providing health education, convenient options to get more fruits and vegetables, and a fun way to grow your own organic produce with aeroponic garden systems.


We all have one precious life to live. Let's make it healthy! 

Enlightened Words

Writing is a powerful modality of healing, discovery and empowerment. My mission is to help other writers find their voice and to help them make a mark— both on the page and in the hearts of their readers. 


I offer innovative approaches to bust through the barriers that silence and prevent so many of us from getting started. Together, we dive deep - to access our intuition and "felt sense" to develop our ideas, breathe life onto the page, and explore mystery and new possibilities. 

The time is now to fulfill your dream to keep a journal, write a poem, story, essay or book. Your voice matters.  Let's get started.

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Two Pens on Notebook

Advancement of Women 

Four women from diverse backgrounds have come together in a common commitment to inspire the individual and collective transformation and advancement of all women. 


We have combined our unique gifts and talents, our work and life experiences, and our vision for a healthier and happier world. 


We create enrichment experiences and spaces to unite and feature women who are engaged in the transformational work of releasing learned limiting tendencies and patterns with healthier, expansive and enlightened beliefs and behaviors. 

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About Me

My life mission is to inspire transformation, the oneness of humanity and the advancement of women around the world. As an educator, writer, speaker and health coach, I build upon my former 28-year career as a professor.


No matter what our challenges and trials, I believe we are noble and worthy beings who thrive when we embrace healthy living, listen with heart and soul to the songs of the spirit and discover the gifts and gems in our life stories. 

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