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Kim Douglas

Kim is committed to unleashing the voices of individuals and supporting them to write the stories they were born to share. She believes that writing and sharing our stories of transformation are acts of service that can foster unity and inspire personal, professional and social change.

Writer, Educator & Transforational Coach


"Modern Day Miracles portrays a remarkable mother and daughter journey of faith and resiliency. In this insightful and inspirational book, Rachel and Sarah Smartt share how they faced critical and life-threatening challenges, found answers, replaced doubt with certitude and feelings of abandonment with heavenly joy. Their story will renew and deepen your relationship with the One, who loves you most and will increase your trust, reliance and confidence in God. The Smartt women guide us along their life path and demonstrate how to handle difficulties with faith and how believing in miracles is essential to receive them."

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"Arising is the autobiography of Kevin Locke--a member of the Lakota tribe and a renowned hoop dancer, flutist, and storyteller--who has traveled the world as a performer and a promoter of principles such as the oneness of humankind... Throughout the pages of Arising, Kevin brings his international travels to life in colorful detail; reflects on the significance of the Bahá'í Faith, the religion with the world-embracing vision that he embraced early in his adult life; recounts his experiences with and lessons learned from his mother, a recipient of the MacArthur Genius Award; and shares his understanding of Lakota belief and culture."


"High Desert is a courageous, gripping, and deeply personal auto-biographical account that offers one person's experience of growing up in an abusive home and learning to rely on her faith and spiritual beliefs to heal and grow in ways that go beyond traditional twelve-step programs and other approaches."

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