Hello & Welcome!

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My name is Kim, and my mission is to inspire transformation, the oneness of humanity and the advancement of women around the world. As an educator, writer, speaker and health coach, I build upon my former 28-year career as a professor.


No matter what our challenges and trials, I believe we are noble and worthy beings who thrive when we embrace healthy living, listen with heart and soul to the songs of the spirit and reframe and rewrite our life stories. 

I came to heath and wellness out of desperation. Earlier in my life, I lived on a hamster wheel of overworking, trying to prove my worth, unhealthy comparisons and feeling empty. When I was a new mom and lost a number of young friends to cancer who left behind children, I was devastated and realized I needed to slow down and take self-care more seriously. My journey led me to becoming a certified health coach and a virtual franchise owner with the Juice Plus+ company and influencing thousands of people to embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

One of the most powerful transformational and healing modalities I practice and teach is writing. My approach to leading writing workshops and coaching writers is unique and innovative. I believe the most powerful writing emerges from deep within our soul and is less about what we know and more about we question and are curious about, learn and discover. All of us can find our true and authentic voice through engaging in a writing process rooted in love, compassion, and courage. 

Among my publications are the memoir High Desert: A Journey of Survival and Hope (Baha’i Publishing) Arising with Kevin Locke (Baha’i Publishing) and numerous poems and essays in periodical journals.


Breaking the cycle of family violence through an unwavering commitment to healing and empowerment is one of my life's greatest accomplishments. Earlier in my life, I made a vow that I would arise and do whatever it took to undo dysfunctional generational patterns and create a healthy and happy marriage and family life. 

Today I celebrate the fruits of my efforts. David, my husband of 30 years, and I admire the adult women our daughters have become. They are creating families of their own, and we are blessed with four grandsons.

I believe in every fiber of my being that we all belong and fit in to the puzzle and adventure of life. Our life stories--the struggles and despairs, the joys and discoveries--matter. Sharing and giving voice to what we experience and learn along the way can transform the world.