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Mastery Classes


Available Mastery Classes

  • Busting through Your Barriers  

  • Getting Started (or Restarted) ​

  • Writing from the Body  

Mastery Classes

September 2020

The Valley of Search

Discover & Plan Your Project


October 2020

The Valley of Love

Awaken the Body, Discover the Details


November 2020

The Valley of Love

The Obstacles: Passion & Pain,

Finding & Losing Your Way


November 2020

The Valley of Knowledge

Developing Our Ideas, Discovering Our Voice(s) 


December 2020

The Valley of Knowledge

Inner Truths Meet Outer Truths

January 2021

The Valley of Unity

Revision: Re-see the Possibilities

Identify & Enhance Universal Themes 

February 2021

The Valley of Unity

Dive Deep: Identify Your Boundaries,

Remove the Veils, Break through Limitations


March 2021

The Valley of Unity

Writing from the Soul,

The Language of Love

April 2021

The Valley of Contentment

Discovering the Significance, the Mysteries, The Unknown

May 2021

The Valley of Wonderment

Writing to Serve & Inspire:

Losing Oneself to Something larger

June 2021

The Valley of Wonderment

Your Dreams are the Universe Within

Your Heart is the Dwelling of Eternal Mystery  

July 2021

The Valley of True Poverty & Absolute Nothingness

Surrender the Ego: Ecstatic & Edgy Editing 

August 2021 

The Valley of True Poverty & Absolute Nothingness

Listen with Heart & Soul to the Songs of the Spirit


Starting September 2020

Basic Monthly Membership includes

  • one live mastery class and practice 

  • one live Q&A and coaching clinic

  • private online community

  • exclusive discounts on coaching, courses, retreats

  • exclusive discounts on editing services to complete or prepare your manuscript for publication

  • publication in community blog -                          "Creating A World Where Everyone Belongs" 

Membership Rates

I offer three monthly membership rates in an effort to bring value to as many people as possible regardless of their financial situation.  Select the option that best suits your situation. 

Monthly Rates in American dollars

$49         $79        $109 

Discounted Yearly Rate

$525       $850      $1,100 

Coaching & Editing Rates

Depending upon your unique project, rates vary. I provide a free 15-minute consult  to determine the needs of your project, whether I can meet those needs and to establish the rate particular to the work involved in bringing your vision to fruition.   



Complementary Courses

Want to give courses a try before signing up for your first session or entering the institute? Below are three courses I'm offering free of charge! 

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