February Special

Soul writing Series 

February 26-28th 

(1-3pm daily)


Join us this month for a 3 day Soul Writing workshop designed to "awaken us from hibernation”, to cleanse ourselves and open our hearts, to reimagine the ending of winter and a vibrant beginning to Spring. It's time to increase the temperature of our creativity and inner fire.  It's time to reinvigorate and ignite our connection to the Sacred, ourselves and one another. Our Zoom sessions, experiential and collaborative, will begin with meditation and energy healing practices to cleanse and prepare us to soulfully discuss and practice particular elements of creative nonfiction and memoir. We will honor the body and follow the path of sounds, scents and touch to immerse ourselves in the sensory details of our memories.

Writing by the Water

Complete a whole text during this 6 hour experiential and collaborative online workshop by:

  • Experiencing the writing  process using embodied practices

  • Drafting

  • Coaching from Kim

  • Revision techniques

  • Receiving feedback

  • Peer response